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Brasil’s “Dictatorship Deniers”: the New Guise of Capitalist Hegemony

This year, April Fool’s was celebrated one day too early in Brazil. March 31st was the anniversary of the 1964 coup that kickstarted a 20 year military dictatorship, responsible for the disappearance, murder and torture of countless political figures. It has caused transgenerational trauma in families, not to mention the on-going US stronghold in the […]

Misogyny Colonialism and the Armed Forces

THE ARMED FORCES War doesn’t happen the way it used to last century. It has evolved into hybrid forms, and it has found new ways to hush up misconduct and general facts. We might not see the weapons or the soldiers, but every aspect of our lives is affected by the work these people do. […]

Anarchism Is Not Terrorism

It seems that after 2013, the Brazilian government is desperately trying to find justification to criminalize organized autonomous movements that aim at drastic social changes. The sensationalism of the media and the defenders of the status quo painted an image of anarchist ideology in general as interested only in complete chaos and destruction. Walter Maierovitch, […]