Anarchism Is Not Terrorism

It seems that after 2013, the Brazilian government is desperately trying to find justification to criminalize organized autonomous movements that aim at drastic social changes. The sensationalism of the media and the defenders of the status quo painted an image of anarchist ideology in general as interested only in complete chaos and destruction. Walter Maierovitch, in his pedantic speech in Fantástico*, accuses anarchists of having the main interest of destroying peace and social order, and spreading fear. On what planet does this character live that he genuinely thinks we have order and peace in this governmental system?, a genocidal system that, if officially decided to criminalize a political ideology, will undoubtedly be fascist.

The criminalization of publications and political prisoners will be strongly protested locally and internationally, it will not go lightly. Our political movement will remain strong and united, because we are not influenced by the lies and manipulation of the media, or by the terror spread by the government and the police. Terror, fear and chaos are the interests of this corrupt government that steals, arrests and kills on behalf of the elite. In the Enemy of the Queen magazine we discuss exactly this topic and have nothing to hide, there anyone can see clearly what Anarchism means to us, how we apply our ideology, and why we struggle to bring on drastic social changes.

Since when has the law been venerated by someone in this country? Those who shape and enforce laws (politicians, judges, lawyers, and police) are the ones who disrespect them the most. While law enforcement remains selective, unjust, violent, and fascist, we will maintain our right to protest these issues, and strive to find and apply solutions.

“Just as the natives were demarcated wild animals to justify their exploitation, so are the ones who sought social guerrillas, terrorists, or drug dealers, or whatever the current term of art is.” (Piero Gleijeses, as described by Noam Chomsky)

An anarchic situation is not terror. Terror is the situation of this Government.

“[A] supposedly secret 1969 document forged by the CIA called “The Situation in Brazil” describes the continuing political manipulation of the United States, and praises the economic development brought about by the military dictatorship. They described the preliminary symptoms of insurgency as “sporadic urban terrorism,” executed by “disorganized” and “weak” “fanatical revolutionaries.” At the same time, the “demoralization,” “censorship,” and “oppression” of the opposition is considered only an effective strategy to prevent the rise of a symbol of resistance” (Article “On State Terrorism, and its genocidal tool of social control” in the magazine Enemy of the Queen).

Now more than ever I believe we should reach a wider audience, maintain spaces, and support ourselves. By doing this we can show that these terms used against us (terrorist, gang) are clearly demarcation attempts to justify the fascist act of stifling and imprisoning an opposing force.