October in Catalunya

an Anarcho-feminist perspective

As a Basque, libertarian and feminist that has lived in Barcelona, I follow from afar what’s going on in Catalunya (videos of police repression, thousands of articles and chronicles, reading and listening to how friends have experienced it), and the mix of sensations and contradictions is a SIROCO.

Emotional and proud to see so many people of varying ideologies disobeying, putting their bodies and courage in front of the repression. Breath [of fresh air] to know that once again, that every now and then, for various social causes and in territories spread far, occurs the exception of the revolt. Knowing it is possible gives a sense [of motivation] to keep going. Hopeful, to see a real gap open up in that imperialist and fascist invention that is Spain: the time has come to tear open that gap.

Hate against the violent and impugned repression, and evermore clarity on how the established order is upheld. If the members of the status quo are put in check, if the power loses its hegemony, it exerts brute force/violence. This has been happening in Euskal Herria for ages, the migrants survive it daily, the anarchist fighters in the police charges and whoever else questioned the sex-gender system[cis-hetero normative system?]. If you disobey, you pay. Since forever and until everything blows up. Don’t come telling us stories.

Disbelief and indignation for the brutality of the national police, yes, but at the same time, the same disbelief and indignation at the fact that some police (today the Mossos) are seen, for an action purely coincidental, as the saviors of the people or defenders of the freedom to choose, those who rush at the chance to wipe out memories of what is the norm, the norm in which they so often carried out charges against us and beat us. For those who are surprised, saying they’ve never seen something like this: may be that you’ve never put yourself up front [stood up for something]. [It might be due to] the videos of other times had not made it to the networks, as we were only four [people] and a drum.

Distrust and many other doubts about how that Bourgeois government, classist, racist and patriarchal will materialize that independence it claims to defend. Independence, first, from their mass media corporations to think critically; independence also from the Catalan oligarchy. Independence, as complete as possible, from the established power.

Fear of the violence of the state maintaining its order, no matter the cost.  But you are many in the street, and many more of us are with you.

STRENGTH for all and those who remain, “COMPANYES”.

This has just begun.